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“Learning to Succeed while Awakening your Environmental Consciousness”

At GoaExperiences we run special workshops for junior, middle and senior management. Enough of boring long training monologues and coffee breaks. Let's get to the roots of our existence and activate our senses to build the resilience and open-mindedness needed to succeed and give something back to our nature by helping it heal. It is ideal for rewards, appraisal incentives, team bonding, and any HR or CSR efforts in line with motivating and energising the team members in a socially and environmentally conscious manner.

Gratidão means Gratitude in Portuguese, is an interactive 2/3/4 day workshop with lots of fun, adrenaline rush and calming nature encounters. Customised for the corporate groups. We will make you fall in love with GOA and mother nature even more.

Why do we use this model?

Business is on the cusp of a paradigm shift, moving from structures and hierarchies to networks and webs. Insights from nature can act as inspiration for this transition.

Thinking in terms of systems is difficult, but it is vital to operating successfully in the increasingly interconnected and uncertain business world. Observations from nature, which are made up of complex systems, can yield important lessons.

The concept of emergence is fundamental to how nature operates. Physicist and systems theorist, Fritjof Capra, noted that: "Throughout the living world, the creativity of life expresses itself through the process of emergence."

In nature, this synergy leads to the growth of ecosystems. Humans also display emergent behaviour, from stock-market trends to online interactivity. Take the soil beneath our feet as an example. It is alive with networking, interconnecting, and diverse life; it breaks down matter to create new growth. Soil can be likened to organisational culture. From a rich culture, employee enthusiasm thrives. Like soil, over-exploitation through short-term, KPI-focused approaches erodes this richness that is so important to growing a resilient, vibrant business.

Woven within healthy soil are mycelia (networks of fungi threads), which connect plants to share nutrients and encourage diversity within the ecosystem. Artificial fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides cause mycelia to retreat and the soil to lose a key part of its vibrancy. In the same way that soil can be likened to organisational culture, mycelium networks can be likened to effective communication, collaboration and networking that transcend organisational silos and boundaries. It is the power of these networks that drives business adaptation.

For organisations to thrive in increasingly dynamic business environments, they need to connect, collaborate and synergise within diverse systems. Organisational culture provides the foundation for collaborative stakeholder engagement. Just like healthy soil, a healthy organisational culture is rich in diversity and nutrients. Organisational vision and leadership can bring unity within this diversity and a sense of direction which empowers teams to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment.

Just like the soil needs mycelia to enable it to thrive, a healthy organisation needs a vibrant network to facilitate continual emergence within its business ecosystem. Encouraging an environment of collaboration for co-creation is a critical success factor for organisations redesigning for resilience.

Did you know?

What do the kingfisher and a Japanese bullet train have in common?

Biomimicry is an approach that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges. So when Japan’s Shinkansen train, travelling at over 200 miles per hour, created sonic booms that broke environmental standards as it exited tunnels, the head engineer turned to nature. Inspiration came in the shape of the streamlined beak of a Kingfisher, which dives into the water with minimal resistance and splashing. The train’s new design not only solved the noise issue, it also reduced electricity use by 15% and was 10% faster.

Not just this but almost every invention is linked to nature from Flights to Submarines to something as simple as Velcro

During the workshop, we will understand several dynamics of nature by engaging with nature, things that will not only prepare us to bring efficacy to the professional front but also help us in making a conscious contribution to Nature.

In nature, many ecosystems have survived even catastrophic events, from oil spills and forest fires to droughts and flooding. What characteristics set them apart?

What sets apart the businesses that have been able to pivot and reconfigure operations at short notice during the recent pandemic?

While there is much that we can learn about designing, creating, shaping and managing resilient ecosystems from nature, below are four areas :

  1. Building diversity
  2. Mapping interdependencies to ensure mutual symbiosis
  3. Adapting continuously
  4. Identifying complementary niches

Join this journey to consciously connect with nature and succeed personally and professionally

Some highlighted activities during the workshop

  • Hikes to some of the most beautiful patches of the forests.
  • Learning to Mediate, focus and observe nature around us.
  • Observing our ecosystem with fun activities and understanding its role in our day-to-day life.
  • Kayaking, Boarding, Diving.
  • Encountering the underwater world and the most diversified ecosystem known to us. ( Don’t need any abilities to swim, it's designed for the first timers )
  • Workshop to Design something, work on ideas based on your observation from nature.
  • Relax with the Fish Spa in the middle of the forest in wild lagoons.
  • Spend your evenings in some of the nation's best sunset spots in the wilderness.
  • Beach sports for some amazing team exercise.
  • Learn to set up your own Beach Camps for team activities and Star gazing.
  • Flying Beach Kites, Competing others on frisbee Beach Golf.
  • Try some real authentic Goan food.
  • Exclusive beach dining experiences, like a truly European beach holiday.
  • Learn about your Alcohol – Skills for life, Mix your own Cocktails and learn how to impress people with your knowledge of Alcohol, Register your own Cocktail Lebel.
  • Reflection hour every day to emphasise the learnings and the observations. Also, highlighting on how all of us are contributing to climate change and the entire ecosystem. We will participate in some cleaning drives and other social activities as well.

Learn . Grow . Relax

With GoaExperiences

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Minimum Group Size : 4
Maximum Group Size : 12
( We can do multiple groups of 12 )
To give personal attention it is important to adhere to this number, for any personalised session requests and organising corporate events in GOA please contact our helpdesk by sending the WhatsApp to +919310103044

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