Good Old Age - Club Beyond 55

Okay we agree that "age" is but a number. But we understand the word called "preferences". While you're young at heart you may not want to go jump off a cliff...we infact have a better one. Take you to that cliff, with your partner and or friend(s) and let you experience the landscape with a gourmet luxurious picnic...serve you the best food and drinks, and drive you back to the comfort of our pad.

We know your kids don’t want to take you to GOA but GOA has something for everyone.

  • Other things that you can enjoy with us
  • Private sessions ( Music / Dance / Forest walks )
  • Soak the nature with us
  • Luxurious Picnics
  • Visit the hidden Gems of Goa
  • Restaurant hopping, pub hopping too...if you'd like that
  • Beach getaways, just with your chosen few, no one else around.
  • And of course the world famous Goan backrub...can't let you go without experiencing it...that's on the house:-)

Who is this for ?

Perfect gift for your parents
Retried Couples or individuals
Ladies group travel ( Kitty in GOA )
As long as you are over 55

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